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-union sentiment across the country. fox 5's stacey cohan takes us there. >> the protesters are running wild. >> reporter: this is where it all started to go wrong or to go right depending on who you ask. hundreds of union workers from our city plus activist groups like stormed the downtown building that was hosting a fundraiser for republicans. moments before protesters took over the president of the lobbying firm hosting the event told fox news this is a regular event held for wisconsin politicians. >> there is no doubt politics in this country and wisconsin have certainly changed in the last year. two years ago we had this event we'd have 15 people. >> reporter: a few more than 15 showed up this time. protesters swarmed the streets around 12th and f northwest. metropolitan police circled and for a time the situation grew tense. then the group began marching in the streets blocking traffic as they made their way to the white house. >> i am a union member! i am a woman! i am a worker! i am a democrat! i care about this country! >> reporter: the crowd was closely followed by mpd a
. a neighbor told us she was so afraid after a confrontation she had she called police. >> i met rowan about 3.5 years ago. he had come to my house and he harassed my grandmother and i -- >> angela makeo says that goodlett showed up at her home one night and wouldn't go away. >> i called police because he won't go away. nothing ever happened after that. they just like kind of like threatened him to stay away. >>> goodlett was living with his parents after his conditional release in another case involving harassment and robbery. >> when granted his release on january 15, 2009 there were a total of 17 special conditions that were outlined by the court governing his release. >> reporter: that conditional release was still in place at the time of the only murders. something other neighbors say they knew nothing about. >> his father told me he had some challenges, but he was just a nice guy. it just seemed awful. >> reporter: goodlett was pulled over on monday about an hour after victim gadar was gunned down on north christ street. they found out he lived on old nino road right next to the other vi
. >> with the original story that we've been told, the original, you know, impressions that we were going on led us to believe this might have been a random crime of opportunity and that's what we believed for the first couple of days. >> reporter: norwood told police she and her co-worker 30- year-old jayna murray went back to the lululemon athletic clothing store friday night after brittany claimed to have left her wallet. she then said two masked men wearing gloves confronted them, beat and sexually assaulted them, killed murray and left norwood tied up. turns out police say norwood's injuries were minor and likely self-inflicted and there was more that didn't add up. >> there were only two sets of footprints and one belonged to ms. norwood and the second belonged to a larger shoe. agained it was a size 4 it teen shoe and -- we determined it was a size 14 shoe and it belonged in the store and we found it in the store. >> reporter: investigators said norwood left evidence in the victim's car likely when she moved the vehicle. for days police worked the evidence including using surveillance on a p
let's have at it. >> in hollywood, fox news chef. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 10. news keeps coming will is in for brine now at 11 on the news edge. >>> news edge continuing fox 5 monitoring metro. enough is enough the guardian angels stepping up patrols at melt row stations and on the rails response to an increased number of attacks the final straw the beating of this man last week that cost him his two front teeth and left his lip busted and swell p eye as well. >> reporter: good evening will first we should tell you metro says police do have some leads in that case of that brutal assault that happened here on friday night. all this comes now just as the guardian angels are rolling out a new safety plan. >> we just want some information. >> reporter: 27 years the guardian angel and john says what is happening on dcs transit system is something he has seen before. new york city in the early 80s. >> bankruptcy in new york and the police the city was running out of money and pulled cops out of the transit system when they pulled the police off the kids went in and went b
people who are distracted using their smartphones plugged in and tuned out to what's going on around them. >> the thefts will continue and people will still use them. >> i actually almost got my phone stolen because i was using it on the train. >> reporter: while. vast majority of thefts don't get violent in, some cases thugs are willing to attack to get your belongings. >> i felt like a rush behind me and then next thing i know, i'd been hit. >> reporter: he's a fox 5 employee who agreed to talk about being jumped on capitol hill one month ago. he didn't want to us show his face. this victim says he was walking home from the new york avenue metro station about 2 a.m. when he was knocked in the head from behind. >> i was able to recover, stand up and face this guy and i said what are you doing? i live in this neighborhood. and then, you know, i turned to try and make my way home and that was it. i don't remember anything after that. >> reporter: thieves beat him up and took his iphone and laptop and now monday evening another street robbery, two masked men looking to steal whatever the vi
any of us wanted. fans, please stick with us while all of this gets worked out." >> have to see how the fans react to all this as well. >>> maryland could have been the next state to allow gay marriage, details on what happened today to puts the decision on hold at least for now. >>> it's no secret the district is in a serious cash crunch, so why is the mayor's chief of staff making more than rahm emanuel did working for the president? first a quick check of that rundown. be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  >>> the news edge on maryland where the house of delegate killed legalizing gay marriage today. supporters said they didn't think they had the 71 votes needed to pass the bill. the measure would have given the same rights to same sex couples. >>> why are d.c. officials making more than is legally allowed? city records show eight top managers recently hired by new mayor vincent gray make more than a salary cap allows for their positions. fox 5's matt ackland is breaking down the numbers. >> reporter: the district of columbia is going throu
? are they saying anything about this? >>reporter: we couldn't get anybody from the fraternity to speak to us but ben's roommate said he spoke to the fraternity members and say they told him ben made it to the meeting, they reminded him about the soccer game monday night and he said he would be there. he says they told him that everything was fine. >> what about the police investigation? this is obviously an ultimate jurisdictional effort since he killed himself up in new york and the fraternity is in maryland. >> the new york transit police are the lead investigators on this so they are investigating from the aspect of where he actually killed himself trying to get to the bottom of what actually went on in new york. now, the prince georges county police now according to the people that they interviewed out there that we spoke with, the prince georges county police are just trying to build a timeline to see if anything happened on this end that triggered what happened in new york. >> it's heartbreaking no matter what. wisdom martin tonight. >>> a frederick county teenager in custody this even
to moderate rain showers here. the heaviest is by far down to the south of us. technically, we had this flood watch in effect. this will go until tomorrow evening. we're watching out for some rivers and some streams to potentially get a little swollen, flood over their banks. i think we're going to see that, and there has already been a couple of flood warnings issued mainly from frederick all the way down into culpepper. in anticipation, brian, they may actually have a little bit of flooding around those rivers for tomorrow. i think we'll see some out by the evening hours. more on the complete forecast, it's all coming up. >> also doing some anticipating, metro preparing for the heavy rain. officials say these stations are potentially at risk for high water, cleveland park, national airport, virginia square courthouse, mcpherson square and federal troing. they have sand bags, generators and pumps on standby to deal with any problems. >>> fox 5 continues monitoring metro with word of a disturbing report about fire safety. an internal report says if a fire broke out in one of metro's tunnels,
a mother claims officials did not act when she warned them about ricks. bob barnard starts us off tonight. >> reporter: prosecutors say most of kevin ricks young victims had no idea their supposed friend was video taping himself engaging in sex acts with their sleeping bodies. it was only when a prince william county teenager noticed inappropriate facebook exchanges between ricks and a friend that the long time teacher's long life of crime came to light. inside a federal courtroom in alexandria, virginia, prosecutors say kevin ricks admitted he's a dangerous serial predator who has sexual assaulted scores of young boys and teenagers for more than 30 years. >> what is so disturbing and disgusting about this case is that mr. ricks held positions of trust as a high school teacher, a camp counselor, a tutor, a foreign exchange host which he used to befriend and ultimately victimize these young men, some as young as 11 and 12 years old. >> reporter: the 50-year-old long time high school english teacher was arrested a year ago while working at osborn highs high school in manassas, later pleadin
with us and believes there's still unanswered questions. >> what this doesn't say and what i'd like to know is if someone made a mistake, they did some work and did they leave, you know accident some tools behind like what -- you know, some tools behind like what is this object? >> reporter: right now of 588 escalators 85 are under repair according to metro's website, can is about 14% out of service. -- which is about 14% out of service. tommy wells think they can do a better job. >> we cannot have escalators breaking like at foggy bottoms. it was frightening. we're really lucky nobody had a severe injury that. could have killed somebody. this is unacceptable. >> reporter: no one directly with metro would speak about the incident or safety report. a spokesperson told us we'd have to wait until the thursday board meeting. we should add the report does say thesque later stopped as it was designed to stop -- the escalator stopped as it was designed to stop during that incident which most certainly et's switch to crime and uries. you have an update on police staffing. >> reporter: >> to
at begin point, raped two of them. the third use -- at gunpoint, raped two of them. the third used a cell phone to call for help. over the years investigators put together composite sketches but it took a while to link together the cases. they eventually found in each case the suspect left behind his dna. >> one interesting thing is this particular offender left dna all over the place. thank god he did that, a rather careless person that did not use protection in the commission of his rapes. one reason he might not have been terribly worried was he must not have been in the felon bank, in other words, they couldn't have run the dna and found he was arrested before and was in some prison. >> reporter: investigators had thomas under surveillance in new haven connecticut and were able to match thomas' dna from a cigarette butt he dropped to dna in the cases. u.s. marshals arrested thomas at his home in connecticut without incident. investigators in our region are questioning thomas tonight. they will hook at whether there are other cases -- look at whether there are other cases linked to him
with life and his new face. >> the u.s. military paid for the transplant. it is hoping to use what it learned to help soldiers also suffering with severe facial wounds. >>> the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> right off the top tonight a murder mystery is rocking a quiet maryland community. a man was gunned down in broad daylight as he walked home from work today around 4:00 north high street in olney. the murder comes days after a suspicious death on olney mill road last week. fox 5's audrey barnes in the newsroom with the news edge. >> this quiet hard working man had just moved to this country from sri lanka six months ago to start a new life. tonight detectives are searching for the person who ended it all. >> he was working outside my house and then i heard the gunshot. >> reporter: and when he ran a block away to north high street for a closer look, he saw his nephew lying in the street unresponsive after being shot. >> i can't believe what happened. how can i believe what happened because he doesn't have any enemies? he just been in this co
after a fire at the facility today. earlier, the plant's operator was planning to use helicopters to try to douce the reactors with water and acid to stop the radiation leak but now ers are being told to leave, and we are learning it's just too dangerous for anyone to stay brian. >> well, laura, what's the damage right now? >>reporter: right now brian, officials are saying that 70 percent of the fuel rods in one of the six reactors are significantly damaged. there is damage to at least one other reactor, if not two, and this crisis is really tring international alarm. the us navy is distributing antiradiation pills to american service men and women and also trying to reposition ships in the area. meanwhile about 140,000 people within 20 miles of fukushima's plant are being told to seal themselves indoors, even in tokyo, which is 170 miles away there are indications of elevated levels of radiation. austria and france have now started moving their diplomats out of tokyo because of that brian. >> laura, on fox 5 news at 10:00, we had a spokesman from the nuclear energy institute on tonight,
said they were a waste of money and used too much gasoline. well, the bill she pushed passed a year later, but it appears it was ignored. how could a law passed in 2003 just be ignored? well, that's what council member tommy wells wants to know. he tells us 42 suvs including the two ordered for council chairman brown are in violation of the law. >> i do believe it appears the laws have been broken and we'll have to make referrals to the attorney general. >> reporter: the initial legislation was introduced by former council member carol schwartz. the law passed and then restricted suvs and other cars that got less than 22 miles per gallon. the mayor and emergency vehicles were exempt. schwartz told me by phone today that she was disturbed the law was being ignored. she said my intent nine years ago was to get the d.c. government away from using suvs unless for top security reasons. she said at the time i looked around and saw a lot of them. i was appalled at the number. >> we're going to look at every vehicle. we've got a list of them. >> reporter: mayor gray says he wants to address
hands on some stolen goods. fox 5's wisdom martin joins us now live to explain how it all went down. >> in this undercover operation the veteran officer jennifer green thought she was making a deal to get some quick cash. it turns out she was being set up by a police informant. mpd officer jennifer green, a member of the force since september, 2005, works at the 4th district. court documents show green met with a criminal informant at union station on friday. then the two went to mccombo's lounge where the informant told green there was money and other items at a location on quincy street and the informant planned to hit the location. the informant called officer green at 7:45 saturday and asked her if she was still trying to do that. green responded saying yeah, man, you got what you need to do that? the informant told officer green the target location was an apartment at the corn of georgia avenue and quincy street northwest. half an hour later the informant met green at her place on colorado avenue. green was not on duty but went back to her apartment to get her police radio, re
was a awarded in 2008 to mckinley high school by the aarp. it was supposed to be used for a program called senior to senior where students in the 12th grade would help senior citizens learn to use the internet. that never happened and a lot of people want to know why. >> reporter: his name is thomas matsolorso, a current teacher at coolidge senior high. he wrote the $100,000 grant application for the aarp's ethel percy award. soon after they got the money but no program was ever launched. >> no ad hoc committee was established. it wasn't openly discussed at meetings. the money wasn't spoken of ever again. >> reporter: he says only four people had access to the money, the principal, the assistant superintendent, deputy chancellor kaya henderson and and former chancellor michelle rhee. >> reporter: he said there were signs right away something wasn't right. >> essentially what we began to see was fraud, waste and abuse. >> reporter: security began an investigation and according to lead investigator eastern stuart, $35,000 of the award money was spent on a technology bus that was used just fi
are considering this a critical case, an emergency they are telling us now. there was an abduction here in the 2300 block of 15th street northeast at the children's home about 6:00 tonight. this is what police are telling me happened, that the father took these two children, a 9- month-old girl by the name of tiara and a 2-year-old little boy by the name of robert iii at gunpoint. it's also believed we're told the father was wearing a bulletproof vest. he is believed to be traveling in a car that is a gray four door lincoln 2001 with a virginia license plate xfp2636. i'll repeat that again, virginia tag xfp2636. that's the car he is believed to be driving, unclear which direction he has taken off in, but again police believe he is armed. they set up an emergency command center here to try and track down any information they can about these kids and at this point in time putting that alert out to get tips and have some direction in which to go, but they believe he is armed. they are not asking people to approach him, but if you see the car or spot him or those children, they are asking y
. >> reporter: but what if something does happen in the u.s.? the federal government has evacuation plans in place for people living within 10 miles of a potential disaster, but the u.s. warned americans to stay at least 50 miles away from the fukushima power plant prompting the question from a new jersey senator at a hearing on capitol hill today. >> why not require the same kind of evacuation plan to address the same distance here at home? >> reporter: the head of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission defended the u.s. policy. >> we believe 10 miles is sufficient, but that is not necessarily the end of any protective action. you could take additional action beyond that, if necessary. >> reporter: back here in japan radiation readings are showing substantially higher than recommended within the exclusion zone and that's likely to add to the growing debate over just how far people should stay away from the dai- ichi complex. fox news. >>> several penalties for unreliable maryland utilities, the state senate approved an amendment today that would allow penalizing utilities that aren't mee
sulaimon brown to attack former mayor fenty. fox 5's matt ackland joins us with more. >> a source close to the arrangement told us tonight the attorney is glenn ivey. as you know, he is the former prince george's county state's attorney this. comes a day after mayor vincent gray hired attorney robert bennett to oversee allegations made against him. you'll recall sulaimon brown claims he was paid cash and offered a job by the gray campaign if he verbally attacked former mayor fenty during debates. mayor gray and his campaign deny the allegations. when it comes to howard brooks, we have not been able to talk to him, but karen gray houston did ask mayor gray about the departure of brooks son who recently left his job with the city. >> reporter: howard brooks, his son i understand is resigning from your economic development agency. that's kind of quick. why did he step down? >> well, i think you'd have to ask him, but, you know, there's been questions raised about the children of some of my staff and i think the best thing to do was for them to leave. they have excellent credentials. he's a
follow including the u.s. attorney. brown says he will tell his story to any law enforcement agency, local or federal, but when we pressed him on what he was asked here on capitol hill, well, he refused to get into it. they asking you the same questions that you've been asked before or what -- >> well, i won't get into the specific of what they asked and what they're looking for, but i will say that i'm doing my best to cooperate fully. >> reporter: brown says he's mentally exhausted. he tells us this entire process has been draining, but he says he's getting through it all with the support from members of community. >> i've gotten a lot of support from just random strangers telling me they're praying for me, they're looking out for me and i just want to say thank you. it means a lot. >> reporter: congressional sources told me today no official investigation has been launched by the oversight committee. staff members simply wanted to ask brown questions. is it important to point out that no member of -- it is important to point out that no member
but claimed he was using a roos to get information from witnesses. -- a ruse to get information from witnesses. this is the same man whistleblowers describe as a straight shooter. in the midst of two ongoing investigations at mckinley high school winston stewart was fired. a statement saying mr. stewart made knowingly false statements during an investigation that an alleged dcps official attempted to cover up an ongoing investigation of several issues at mckinley senior high school. no one answered the door at stewart's home. we wanted to hear his side of the story. the statement said, "mr. stewart subsequently confirmed that his allegations against the official were false and made only as a ruse in an investigation he was conducting." in that investigation stewart was looking into what happened to a $100,000 grant mckinley got from the aarp. the program was to pair students with senior citizens to teach them internet skills, but the project never got off the ground and the question is where did the money go? the former mckinley tech wrote the grant proposal told us by phone something just doe
town west of tripoli. opposition fighters appear to be running out of territory. the u.s. continues to urge gadhafi to stop the attacks. >>> here at home a year long investigation finally over and a report on the d.c. parks and recs controversy is calling on the u.s. attorney's office for further review, but one of two contractors investigated for questionable practices is claiming the report vindicated him and former mayor adrian fenty. sinclair skinner, a fenty frat brother appeared at a press conference today wearing his fraternity jacket. the investigation was launched a year ago when millions of dollars for parks project was diverted around the normal council review process. money went to companies owned by skinner and another fenty frat brother omar karrem. some say they feel the former fenty friends were not for the coming in the investigation, but the former mayor does have his defendants. >> what i find troubling and have not counted yet how many times the particular subjects in this matter said they did not recall or did not know. >> saying that there was no wrongdoing on
, in particular unapproved time released drugs and meds labeled for use by kids under the age of 2 and the list of a affected drugs is on no. 4 -- of affected drugs is on no. 4, aging men who regularly take pain medication are more likely to become impotent. men who regularly take aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen were 38% more likely to have erectile dysfunction. no. 3, facebook makes us feel good. researchers at cornell university found when people see their well groomed beautiful profile pictures they had a better view of themselves compared to just looking at themselves in the mirror. researchers say the mirror may give us a more realistic view we don't always like. no. 2, ford is recalling nearly 35,000 pickup trucks due to possible fuel leaks and electrical shorts. the recall affects 2010 ranger pickups and the 2011 ford edge, f150, f250, f350, f450, f550 and the lincoln mxks. no. 1 tonight, safety inspections of d.c. bridges and tunnels is underway now in the district. that means get ready for traffic delays. these inspections will run daily 10 a.m. th
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